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Great Buildings in a Best Supporting Role

This site is dedicated to the real life buildings which have engaged and inspired as Supporting Cast, yet have largely gone uncredited.  






The Fast and The Furious 2001 - Davis Residence

Paul Walker will probably be most often remembered for his association with the Fast & Furious series. His popularity grew with the franchise, as did the sophistication of each production. Over the years the cars became more high tech, stunts became more elaborate and the plot more extreme but it is the very first release, 2001’s The Fast and The Furious though, that is, for me, the most memorable. You guessed it – because it featured a fabulous house.

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Body Double 1984 - Chemosphere

© Joshua White
© Joshua White

Long missing from this discussion is a post about John Lautner’s most recognisable building – the groundbreaking, distinctive and iconic structure, The Chemosphere. Now an LA architectural landmark, the building has taken five decades to earn its status and has achieved it largely as a result of the film industry’s fascination with its futurist aesthetic. The house can be spotted in countless features on both the big and small screens and is referenced in many more - including Charlies Angels and the Iron Man series.

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The Great Gatsby 2013 - Interview with Catherine Martin

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